Recommended Products

While I take pride in producing great products, there are some other great companies that also produce great products that I’m happy to recommend as I use them myself regularly. If you plan to purchase any of them, it would really help out if you clicked the link for that product on this page before purchasing, as any affiliate income that is generated helps to improve products here at Storefront Themes!

Domain Names

For me, there is really no other company I’d ever buy a domain name from than NameCheap. Not only do they have the best prices and a great interface, but more importantly, they give domain privacy for free! I’ve found this feature to be a non-negotiable, so getting it free is a big deal and sets NameCheap apart from everyone else. Get a domain name now!


We recommend two companies for hosting and it depends on whether you need shared hosting or a dedicated server. We recommend you use shared hosting to get started and the easiest company to get started with is BlueHost.