This site is dedicated to providing resources to run great e-commerce sites off of two strong open-source platforms...WordPress & the WP E-Commerce plugin.  We develop high quality premium WordPress themes that make use of the WP E-Commerce plugin to run highly customizable online shops.  You can think of it this way, the plugin runs the backend of your store and our themes function as the front end, allowing you the control to showcase your products like never before.

While our themes are great and we put a lot of effort into them, the real value of our service is in the support that we offer you...

  • We continually update our themes to take advantage of the latest features from WordPress and the WP E-Commerce plugin.
  • We publish high quality tutorial videos to show you how to use our themes, WordPress and the WP E-Commerce plugin.
  • We provide great support forums that we are extremely active on so that you can get answers directly from us.
  • We publish additional content to help with other aspects of e-commerce (branding, marketing, administration, etc).

Here's what some of our Storefront Themes customers have had to say about our support...

"I was completely new to WordPress and finding your theme was integral in getting my business launched!"

-Tom Beanlands, 41 Orchard

"If an amateur like me can put together a store like this in 7 days, well all I got to say is WOW.  You guys are totally awesome. THANKS!"

-Janet, Dog Bandana Store

"GOOD WORK! Thanks for your help and the fast response time!"

-Jean Paul, Live To Surf

The Story...

In August of 2009 I had a client who needed a store built on WordPress...I already knew I wanted to use the WP e-Commerce plugin for the project, but what I didn't know was that for such an amazing plugin, there were very few themes to use that took advantage of its power. I decided to develop a theme myself that used the home page to showcase products, product categories and ads instead of blog content. I wanted it to function like the shop windows of little main street shops...you know, how they put their featured items up for passersby to view? For this reason, I called the theme "Storefront" and put it up for sale on ThemeForest. It did really well, and I realized that there was a big need for this type of theme.

I wanted to offer more designs and even more than that, I wanted to be able to support my customers better...that's why I created Storefront Themes, which opened its digital doors in August, 2010. Our goal is be the best resource in the world to help you sell your products with WordPress. Our themes are 100% GPL, just like WordPress and the WP e-Commerce platform.  We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them!

Matt Jones

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