Saying Goodbye to an old friend – WPA Storefront

You may be aware that we recently launched the 2.0 version of the "Storefront Original" Theme.  This theme previously had it's home at ThemeForest for over a year and as of today, the WPA Storefront theme is no longer available at  It's been a great ride at ThemeForest...

  • 1540 sales
  • 55 straight weeks on the weekly best-sellers list
  • Monthly best-seller since day 1

However, it's time to say goodbye and the "Storefront Original" theme will be much better supported right here at Storefront Themes.  For the record, I couldn't be happier with my experience on gave me the exposure I just couldn't have had on my own.  I know I will still release non-ecommerce themes there for years to come as it's a great place for theme developers to make some serious money without having to worry about marketing.  This decision just made sense from a support side because I just couldn't keep up with the email support requests and item discussion pages.  Our new support model makes much more sense and is more efficient.

So that's a wrap...if you see any blogs linking to the old WPA Storefront theme on, drop them a line and give them the link to the "Storefront Original" theme's new home....

Taking Care of Our “Original” Themeforest Customers

On September 30th 2009, we released the first version of the Storefront "Original" theme on ThemeForest.  We called it the "WPA Storefront" theme and it went on to become one of the best-selling themes in ThemeForest history.  We've really enjoyed our experience serving our ThemeForest customers, but the only drawback has been on the support side.  It has been near impossible to regulate the support side of things and eventually I had to take down the support forums we had created at

However, the plan was to eventually start supporting the Original theme here on  I just needed a little time to rewrite the theme with our new framework for the wp e-commerce plugin, add some sweet new options and record a new video tutorial.  This all lead to today's announcement of the 2.o version of the Storefront "Original" theme.

So where does this leave our previous Themeforest customers who bought the 1.0 version of the theme?

The answer is, of course, that I will give every one of our previous Themeforest customers a complimentary lifetime theme package to the 2.0 version of the theme.  If you are a Themeforest customer who purchased access to the WPA Storefront Theme, you can read this page for information on how to get your complimentary Storefront Original Theme package.

Thanks for being some of our very first customers and I look forward to bigger and brighter things (and themes) with you in the future.

A Gift for our first Customers!

This is something that I've been planning for a while now...Our first couple of months have been just incredible, though not without some hiccups. Namely in the way of server problems. We've finally sorted that all out and one day I'll write a blog about the rockin' dedicated server that now powers Storefront Themes, but for now, I wanted to thank all of our first customers with a free gift. Every one who purchased the Elegance Theme during our first 2 months of business has been given a free lifetime subscription to the Storefront Original theme, which was just released today! You can read up about it's features or view the demo site to see what this thing can do.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for helping to get me started and I look forward to serving each of you in the future. We're also extending this offer for a few days in case you want to tell your friends about it. Enjoy!

Re-introducing the Original Storefront Theme

It's been long overdue, but we're so excited to finally announce the 2.0 version of the Original Storefront theme, hereafter called "Storefront Original"!  The first version of this theme was one of the best-selling themes in ThemeForest history, being listed in the weekly best-sellers every single week for over a year a now.  Now, we've completely rewritten most of the code, added new options and packaged it with our new theme options panel to give this modern classic and brand-new feel!

Alright, enough of the sales pitch.  Let's check out the goods!  We've got a demo site up that features one of the new theme styles that we've included in the theme.  Check out the theme demo here!

Also, we've recorded a brand-new high-def tutorial video for the theme and of course, our support forums are now open to take support requests for it.

Check out the list of features and buy the theme from our themes page today!

Also, for those of you who bought the "Elegance" theme package before October 13th, you may want to wait for a surprise announcement concerning this theme before you buy it...

Service Restored

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have finally restored service to the site after our recent technical problems.  If you're wondering what was happening, we have just been overloading our VPS lately and we took this week to explore some options for a bigger server.  We're now looking at a dedicated server solution and will let everyone know more later.  Thanks for you patience!

Improving the Member Experience

First, I want to say that it has been a great first month for Storefront Themes! We've had some great feedback on our first theme, Storefront Elegance and I think we've done a good job of improving that theme already.

While we're busy at work on 2 brand new themes, I want to focus the next couple of days on improving the customer experience.  Specifically in two areas...

1) A few of you have noticed that we've had a few server problems in the last week or so.  I apologize for the error pages...they kill me just as bad as they kill you!  After working out solutions with my hosting company, I've decided to make a move to a new host that I was planning to do anyway.  Bottom line is that I want to be able to scale faster and be on the best possible hosting, so I'm working with Terry at VPS.NET right now to switch our service over to them.  I believe everyone will be a lot happier with the results!

2) A few people have made some great suggestions for the members home page and I am going to incorporate those suggestions in the next 48 hours.  The changes will allow you to access your theme downloads, and support forums and video links directly from your members home page without having to navigate back to the theme page.  A small change that will require some medium-sized coding work and should reap large dividends (word play!).

So that's about it!  Thanks for being our customers and look for a new and improved Storefront Themes site by Wednesday!

New Contest – Name that theme!

So we have a brand new theme that we're working on!  My good friend George Ortiz is designing this one.  You may have seen George's work on other themes that I've put out on ThemeForest like WPA Parade and WPA Delight.  He's got a great eye for design so I'm totally stoked for this new beauty to go live...we're just now getting into taking his html design and converting it to WordPress.  After that, we need to write some custom WP E-Commerce goodness, integrate it with the theme options, record the video tutorial, etc.  All that to say that we're a little ways away from letting this bad boy onto the market.

Having said that, we have a little problem that we'd like to address you can see from the logo in the screenshot below...we don't have a name yet!  Can you help us out?  We'll be giving away one free lifetime subscription to this theme (or another theme of your choosing) to the person who comes up with a name for this theme that we like and decide to use.  Here's the rules...the theme name has to be one word.  That's it.  One word to best describe the look of this theme.  We'll put the word "Storefront" at the beginning and that will be the theme name (like "Storefront Elegance").

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this page with your one word idea...we'll pick the one we like before the launch of the theme and let you all know the lucky winner!

PS - Don't tell anyone, but we are working out the details on a formal partnership with George's hosting startup at Kloude.  Until then, if you would like some rockstar hosting for your online shop, you can use the coupon code 'STOREFRONT' to get your first month free hosting with Kloude as well as free installation and support of wordpress and any theme you buy from Storefront Themes!

Theme Giveaway Winners Announced!

A few weeks ago, as we were preparing for the launch of Storefront Themes, we had a promotion to give away 2 free themes.  One theme was for a random person who liked us on Facebook and the other was for a random subscriber to our newsletter list.  To enter the contest (twice!) all you had to do was "Like Us" on facebook and subscribe to our newsletter list.

I'm happy to report that the winners have been selected and notified!  To select the winners, we listed all the people on our facebook page and then used to randomly draw a number between 1 and the number of people we had on the day of the drawing.  We did the same with our newsletter list.  For example, for the newsletter, we generated a random number between 1 and 813 (the number of newsletter subscribers).  The number was 270.  We then found the 270th person on our list to be the lucky winner!

So the results are in!  From our Facebook page, the winner was Albert Steed! For our newsletter list, the winner was Daniel Mckenzie! Congratulations to both of our winners and I hope that you enjoy the themes!

Storefront Elegance theme gets big update!

We recently put out our first update to the Storefront Elegance theme and it's a doozy!  We did a couple of optimization things, but the real focus was on 3 BIG upgrades...

  1. Powerful new Carousel Options - You can now select how many items to show in your carousel (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) and even set the height of your carousel images!  You're no longer locked into one aspect ratio with your images!
  2. New Footer Widgets - Want to put more stuff on your homepage and page templates?  We've included the option to have 2, 3 or 4 widget areas appear in your footer area!  These areas can be populated from the widgets area of your wordpress control panel to add blog links, custom text, video or whatever you want!
  3. Support for Gold Cart Features - If you happen to be running the Gold Cart upgrade available from, we've included styling for the Product Grid View, Product Search and Single Product Thumbnail Galleries!  These styles are very subtle and take the shape of the custom colors that you select from your theme options panel so that they look perfect with your site!

To top it all off, we've even put out a new video for customers showing you around the new can navigate to it on the Elegance tutorial video page once you log in.

So that about wraps it up!  If you've purchased the Storefront Elegance theme already, simply login and go to the Elegance theme page to download the updated copy.  If you've been sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy the theme, hopefully this will entice you!

Our first post!

Okay, we've gotta start somewhere, so here's the's late here (3:06 am to be precise) and I just got finished uploading the first major update to our first theme - Elegance.  Storefront Themes has been live for 10 days now and while I haven't officially launched it or even told anyone (except all 95 of our facebook fans ;-)) that we're live, I have to say that I've really enjoyed things so far!  The feedback from our first 20 or so customers has been really positive and I think they're going to be thrilled with the latest update to the theme.

So what's next?  Well, there are a lot of things that I need to get done right away, but I've pretty much prioritized it this way...

  1. Produce some support materials for the plugin itself
  2. Get started on a new niche theme as soon as possible
  3. Recode the original storefront theme to better integrate with the plugin and our new theme options
  4. Get ready for the 3.8 upgrade of the WP E-Commerce plugin

So that's what you can expect from me for the month of September.  I hope to release at least one new theme in the next few weeks and I'm going to try to make it really unique.  Other than that, I'll be on the support forums everyday and trying to help everybody out as best I can.

Stay tuned for an official upgrade announcement for the Elegance theme coming tomorrow!