Legacy Themes

In order to serve our customers best and put my/our time where it will do the most good, we are going to be semi-retiring some of the older themes that got us started. What this means is that I will choose a group of themes that, while still available for download, will no longer be updated for new releases of WordPress or the WP eCommerce. These themes may still be functional for some time, but no new features will be added and support for those themes will be very limited, if at all.

So which themes will be the first ones to become "legacy" themes? In short, any themes that are not responsive to fit on all device screens. This will include (but not be limited to)...

  • Elegance
  • Original
  • Designer
  • Instant
  • Boutique
  • Edge

If you are currently using one of the themes above and find that it is acting buggy, we suggest that you switch to one of our currently supported themes for your site. We are going to make sure that everyone who bought a theme before January 31, 2014 will have access to all of our themes we have created to that point. If you have any questions, hit us up on our contact page.

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5 thoughts on “Legacy Themes

  1. I have the same question as Michelle below. Currently using Elegance and wondering which theme you’d suggest to replace it. I use wp e-commerce.

  2. I have Elegance and our client is just opening after two years of creating the site. Please suggest which of your newer themes is most similar so the changes over can be minimal disruption? Also would appreciate your suggestion including the thought as to which you might think would be supported the longest in the future as we do not want to change themes once the store is rocking. Thanks much for your suggestions.

  3. Yes, of course. While it hasn’t become apparent to everyone yet, I have given everyone access to all of our current themes so that they can switch over. I hope this makes things clearer.

  4. I do understand why you are giving up those themes because it is highly unlikely that they can become responsive. I hope you do offer support to those that are changing the themes of their site cause of this.

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