Storefront Echo 1.5

This morning we've released a major update to Storefront Echo. In short, this update brings Echo up to speed with the latest version of WP eCommerce as well as the latest version of BuddyPress. Due to BuddyPress's new theming we've been able to remove the BuddyPress files from this version which will future-proof it for quite a while. In addition, we now enqueue the latest version of jQuery included with WordPress and fixed some styling issues on the checkout page and the product image galleries. You can download the latest version from your members' homepage or if you have a more recent versio of Echo, you can upgrade from your WordPress installation. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Storefront Echo 1.5

  1. Hello Matt Jone, Could you please tell me how to start an additional column category on my front page of echo (at bottom of each page). I have Shopping Cart, Products, Blank Space and then Price Range. This fourth column is going to have the links for Contact, Shipping Info and Special Orders. Thank you, Margaret

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