Storefront Elegance Updated to 1.5.7

Just a quick note to let everyone who uses Elegance that our latest update, version 1.5.7, is now available. This is significant because we now have the look and feel that we had back in 1.4.5 that everyone liked a lot better combined with the security of the latest versions that we've put out. Here's the changelog...

2013.03.18 - version 1.5.7
 *Fixed gridview titles so they don't overlap
 *Single product pages now back to the way they are in the demo with product on left and thumbnails below
 *Fixed cart-widget remove button
 *Fixed comment template bug
 *Fixed comments for products
 *Fixed errors in carousel
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6 thoughts on “Storefront Elegance Updated to 1.5.7

  1. hi,can someone help me how can i register because my themas need update (

    Elegance – Storefront Themes) some one purchased my teams 3 years ago and i don’t have his email any help. thanks

  2. Guys, I can’t login to the members area which means I can’t get to the forum etc. Or download any updates. I’ve got a client wanting to spend some money with me upgrading their Elegance installation and I can’t go forward. Are you still around?

  3. I updated and although the issues you mention are fixed there are several new issues – main one is that the only image showing on the individual product page is the featured one, the thumbnails of the alternate images have disappeared. Also when you click on the featured image to enlarge it you get a duplicate enlarged image on the bottom of the page (most people wouldn’t notice this but I realized my footer wasn’t there so I scrolled down). Hope you can fix these new issues soon… Thanks!

  4. hello,

    Me waited a long time. Can you kindly send the affiliate money please? my affiliate ID:- abhiz, first name sujatha

    Its getting frustration that you didnt send, I’m still sending traffics to you brother, send you lot of mails. Please I need this asap

  5. Hi

    Thx for the update:


    Gem. waardering: (6)

    Uw waardering: Opgeslagen






    This item is still not displaying correctly?

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