Don’t hit that upgrade button yet!

Hey ya'll! Well, we're getting slammed with a lot of reports that upgrading to WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 has broken a lot of stuff with your Storefront Themes. Obviously some of the core functionality has changed enough that we now need to replace a ton of code in our themes to account for it. We will definitely make this a priority, but it is going to take some time, so it the meantime, we STRONGLY recommend to all our users that you use the version of WP eCommerce. You can download that version right here.

Downgrade Instructions

  1. Go to your plugins and deactivate WP eCommerce
  2. Delete WP eCommerce
  3. Go to "Plugins > Add New" and click upload...upload the file you downloaded from the link above
  4. Activate WP e-Commerce
  5. Go to "Settings > Permalinks" and save your permalinks twice

You should be all set with your Storefront Theme now.

22 thoughts on “Don’t hit that upgrade button yet!

  1. WordPress e-Commerce is the biggest POS ever created for wordpress. I don’t know how many countless hours I have wasted trying to make this POS work. My advice, cut your losses and find a better e-commerce solution.

  2. Hi y’all!

    Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you the annoyance and frustration this has caused me. My site has been down for over 6 months and I think I’ve now wiped it trying to roll back to the earlier WP commerce.

    What a total fuck-up this was eh?

  3. Hi Matthew I am driving my self crazy trying to make the products detail look like the demo, I have downloaded the last version of the theme, but it seems that something is not ok. Have you any sample data available to make this work easy? I really think that this is a great theme but without documentation? rare isn´t it?

  4. Hi, Matt.
    I’m still looking for the update for this. I know that Elegant Theme has a brand-new update, but does this update fix this problem? I am itching to update my WordPress version but am hesitant to do so.

    Please let me know! Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    any progress on updating the themes please? Several clients upgraded wp-commerce before I’d read the blog post on here, so I’ve been busy… What’s the ETA on theme upgrades please?

    If something so important comes up again, is there any way you could do a mailer to your customer base please?

  6. So I tried to upgrade to the latest version of wordpress, and WP ECommerce plugin and it really tore my site up.

    None of my product pages were showing up, so I rolled everything back to a state when things were working, now when I try to get into my site via the /wp-admin address, I get this message from wordpress that is forcing me to upgrade to the latest version of wordpress.

    Now I need to either break my site or add no new content.

    Can we get some sort of eta on when this might be fixed?


  7. Thanks.. it works!! I should have come here to pick up some information before hitting the upgrade button!

  8. My site went down with the WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 upgrade today. Thanks for the restore instrux. Took a lot of time, but forced me to handle details I hadn’t gotten to yet.

    For some reason the home page carousel in the ‘Elegance’ theme isn’t rotating automatically. Turned it on and turned it off again to no avail. Should I contact tech support in the ‘Elegance’ forum for help?

  9. Replying to myself – for help to others. Updating like the instructions above worked. I did not need to pull any data from backup images. Thank the Lord. Lesson learned.

  10. … and by the way – a major update that is not backward compatible should always be with an INTEGER. This update suggests that it is incremental and compatible. This is the RULE in software. This update should have been 4.00

  11. AGH! I got bit on this. I have a backup but it’s hard to know how to roll out the changes. I’ll try removing and re-installing the older version. Not happy

  12. Damn. Do you guys have an e-mail list with these warnings? It would be much more useful than coming here and finding out about known problems after the fact.

    I stopped myself from upgrading my database to the new WP-eCommerce and then followed the instructions here, but to no avail. My site is now useless.

  13. Hi, Is the theme Echo compatible with the latest wordpress 3.4.2? I’ve submitted this question via the ‘Contact’ but i’ve yet to receive any answer.

  14. yeah ok, my website is completely useless now, i will have to wait for Elegance to be updated i suppose.

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