Marko, and the future of development at Storefront Themes

Today is a big day at Storefront Themes. We are launching our first new theme in 10 months and it's called "Marko".

Marko is a beautifully minimal theme that keeps your audience's focus where it belongs: on your products. This isn’t simply about being minimal in design. It’s all about the details…like how Marko makes your sidebar and footer widgets lighter until you hover over them. Everything about this theme screams that your products are what make your business or company great.

The Future...

A couple of weeks ago, we launched Skematik, which is a new WordPress Theme + Framework that we've been working on for months. I've blogged about the reasons for creating Skematik before. It comes down to this...with so many different plugins that we want to be compatible with (WP eCommerce, WooCommerce, JigoShop, BuddyPress & Gravity Forms to name a few) we wanted a common platform that we could develop on so that we could focus on innovation rather than compatibility issues.

Now that Skematik is done, we can FINALLY get back to doing what we love...creating amazing themes for you to enjoy!

With that in mind, consider this our official announcement that most if not all future Storefront Themes releases will be built on top of the Skematik Framework. We realize this is a departure from the last two years, but I am confident that once you get your hands on Skematik, you'll understand why we're so thrilled about it.

Hope you enjoy the new developments! We'll have more for you before this year is out!

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