North American Patriotic Sale! 10 Themes for $99!

Hello to everyone around the world from Storefront Themes! Over the next week we are celebrating the birthdays of 2 of my favorite countries here in North America! I am proudly Canadian which is why I'm very excited about Canada Day on July 1st. I'm also geared up for Independence Day on July 4th since I live in the US and my wife and children are American. So what can we do to celebrate? How about a big sale on all our themes?

Effective immediately we are running a huge sale that will benefit new customers and current members alike. If you've never bought a Storefront Theme before, NEW CUSTOMERS CAN GET ALL 10 OF OUR THEMES FOR ONLY $99! This includes every theme available on our themes page...we're even including Storefront Echo (which is currently only available on ThemeForest) as a special bonus!

Also, we really didn't want to leave our existing customers out on this one...most of the time these sales only benefit new customers. Well not this time! Here's the deal...if you already have a storefront themes account with at least one purchase, you AS A MEMBER YOU CAN GET THE REST OF OUR THEMES FOR ONLY $40! That's a huge deal no matter how many themes you already own.

Rest assured all of our themes are top quality (see them all here) fact, the big reason we've been silent over the last few months is that we have been going through all of our themes and making them more secure and stable than ever before. Plus, our support is top-notch so you can buy with confidence!

We'll give you a whole week to take advantage of this awesome offer! The sale will end at 11:59pm MST on July 7th. Thanks for being the best customers in the world!

Matt Jones
CEO, Storefront Themes

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