Storefront Elegance Gets Major Update!

Yes, it's been a long time coming, but we're proud to announce that version 1.5 of Storefront Elegance is available for immediate download. This version fixes compatibility with the latest version of WP eCommerce and pretty much future-proofs it against any WPEC upgrades because we've removed the theme template files and instead added our custom code through action hooks and filters built into WPEC.

In addition, we've performed some much need maintenance...

  • moved all scripts to the footer for better performance
  • rewrote the add to cart feature
  • replaced the thickbox with fancybox like in our other themes
  • upgraded the jQuery version
  • moved additional product images to below the product description
  • added in automatic updates!
  • fixed a ton of bugs

We may make additional adjustments over the next week, but thanks to the automatic updates feature, you won't have to worry about those anymore! We wanted to get it into your hands ASAP as we know a ton of you have waited patiently. We hope you enjoy this version even more. Existing customers can download the new version immediately from their members homepage.

For everyone else, this is a sign of things to come...Elegance is our flagship theme and we needed to get it right so we could make the same updates to the rest of our themes which also were affected by the 3.8.9 updates to WP eCommerce. We're working as hard as we can on it.

Storefront Echo Reduced in Price!

I'm pleased to announce that Storefront Echo has just been reduced to $40 on ThemeForest to make it more competitive with the other ecommerce themes there. So let's my count, you can now get Storefront Echo, another theme of your choice and the Storefront Insights plugin all for only $40! If you haven't yet, head over to ThemeForest to pick it up today!

Also, we put out an update to the theme just yesterday. It is available for Echo customers from your Members' Homepage on Storefront Themes. Changelog looks like this...

=1.4.0 = 3.01.12
*Fixed duplicate mobile search bars bug
*Fixed Add to Cart problem in WPEC for both variations and IE
*Removed duplicate call to fancy box script
*Removed duplicate BuddyNav js from fancycart
*Fixed missing price in woocommerce and jigoshop product pages
*Fixed margin error for images with IE8
*Fixed woocommerce filter by price widget


New Design, Storefront Echo Relaunch and the 2 For 1 Sale!


The past 24 hours has been a HUGE day for Storefront Themes!

Yesterday afternoon we went back to the place where started, ThemeForest to relaunch just one of our themes in a big way. Storefront Echo was originally released in has performed very well, with over 200 current users and growing. However, I felt it could accomplish was by far my favorite design that I'd put out because of the way it performs on mobile devices and I wanted to see what else it could accommodate...

I started out with BuddyPress...I really wanted to see if I could get BuddyPress to work, AJAX and all in a responsive design. Once that was done, I thought that the next step would be branching out to some other ecommerce platforms for the first time.

Now before I go on, I want to stress that we are not currently planning on making all our other themes compatible with other platforms. We're still pretty loyal to Dan Milward and the WP eCommerce team. However, I see this as an opportunity to reach out to some new customers and a huge step toward establishing ourselves as the best resource for WordPress eCommerce on the planet.

So here it is...Storefront Echo is now compatible with WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce, JigoShop, BuddyPress and BBPress!

Best of all, it's for sale right now on ThemeForest for only $45 which allows you to save $4 off our regular theme price. But that's not all...

For a limited time, when you buy Storefront Echo on ThemeForest you get any one of our other themes absolutely free! How's that for a deal? So what are you waiting for? Head on over to ThemeForest to get 2 awesome WordPress eCommerce themes for the price of 1!

New Design

Oh yeah, notice anything different at Storefront Themes? We're currently redesigning the site from the ground up. This is ultimately to offer a better support platform but as it's not really ready yet, for now you'll have to be satisfied with just the new visuals. BUT, we're working hard on making the support experience at Storefront Themes the best out there! Stay tuned to the blog for word on when it will be launched.

Storefront Mylo + Xyloto Now Available for all Pre-Order Customers!

Well, we promised we would get them out today for you and while it's the wee morning hours where I'm at right now, I can finally let you know that we finally have the first releases available of our long-awaited, ColdPlay inspired themes, Mylo + Xyloto. We teased these a couple of weeks ago and we're just packaging them now. We are not OFFICIALLY releasing them just yet simply because we need to build the demo sites and record a couple of tutorial videos for them...however, we wanted to do good by the people who put their faith in us and pre-ordered the themes, while we can't show you a working demo for Xyloto yet (Mylo can be found here), we can give those who bought the themes access to the theme download files and have created two new forums for the themes so you can get all the support you need while waiting on the videos.

Now, let me get some sleep and I'll get the videos up in the next couple of days!

Storefront Boutique Update Brings BuddyPress 1.5 Compatability!

We are updating our themes all the time, but I thought I'd write about this one. Storefront Boutique is actually one of my favorites of all our themes...I always loved the product page layouts, the fun look it has and the idea of having BuddyPress integrated into a store was really something I planned from the start...I really wanted that kind of functionality as the potential for marketing could really explode.

Because that's where the value is, I've spent a considerable amount of time working on Boutique the last couple of weeks and today, Boutique is now compatible with the latest version of BuddyPress, otherwise known as BuddyPress 1.5 (otherwise known as "Lombardi")!

We've rewritten a lot of the template files so not only can you now take advantage of the new BuddyPress platform, but we've integrated all that fancy ajax goodness that you normally only get in a buddypress default child theme...only this is not child theme! It runs completely on its own as a standalone theme, bridging the gap between 2 of the most powerful WordPress plugins: BuddyPress and WP e-Commerce.

In addition to these changes, we've also increased the performance and compatability by making sure all our jquery and ajax files are being properly enqueued in our functions file in no-conflict mode.

So there you have it...Storefront Boutique may just be our most stable theme in spite of the plethora of technologies that it runs. You can check out the demo now, which is actually running 3 plugins...BuddyPress, WP e-Commerce and BuddyPress for WP e-Commerce-3.8 which allows you to display specific products in a BuddyPress group as a "Group Store". See it here!

So that's it! Existing customers can download the new update (version 1.2) from your members' homepage. Now back to my cave where we're coming up with some great new stuff!

Storefront Designer Is WPEC 3.8 Ready

The Storefront Designer theme has a 3.8 compatible version ready for immediate download. Purchasers of Designer will find the new files available on their members homepage once you log in.

Okay, let me quickly explain some things. First, sorry this has taken so long...Second, this isn't our "Official" 3.8 version. Yes it works and it works well. However, we have been trying to release our newly updated themes with a bunch of new features for 3.8. Unfortunately, we had some problems making Designer compatible (not with WPEC but actually with WordPress 3.2!) and in the end, I made the decision to get out a version which is much the same as the original, only more stable and available for WPEC 3.8. We did the same thing with the Instant theme last month and I want to assure you that now that our themes are all 3.8 ready, we will be making both of those themes even more spectacular, starting with Designer.

So, while you're enjoying the new Designer theme finally with WPEC 3.8 compatibility, rest assured that we will very shortly release the newer version with gridview, unified search and by popular demand, a new slider option.

For now, let me get back to our support forums where I'm sure many are waiting patiently!

A Minor Update for Storefront Original

Okay, so this is the same drill as we did for Storefront Elegance...we are currently updating Storefront Original for WPEC 3.8. It should be out in a couple of days or at least this week for sure. In the meantime, we've released our final 3.7x compatible version. This brings Storefront Original up to the standards we are currently putting in place in all our themes...

1) Blogging

The theme now functions just like a regular WordPress theme in that the homepage defaults as a blog and all the regular WordPress blog settings apply. Also, we've implemented our new templating system which allows you to use any of the 4 page templates (Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Full-Width and Three Column) for your blog pages. This also changes the homepage functionality, meaning that in order to use the homepage as you see it in the demos, you need to create a static page and select the homepage template from the page attributes.

2) Translation Ready

We've converted all the text over to functions so that translation plugins like WPML can be used with the theme.

We hope those that need the fixes to the blog will enjoy this update. Existing customers of Storefront Original can download the updated theme from the members' homepage and for the rest of you, don't worry, it should be updated for 3.8 by the end of this week.

Storefront Insights Is Now 3.8 Ready!

Available for immediate download is the latest version of Storefront Insights, version 1.1 which is now compatible with the 3.8 version of WP-e-Commerce. Existing customers can download the updated version from their members' homepage under "Plugins". As with our themes, we will be supporting 2 versions of this plugin for a few months. Version 1.0, which is compatible with version 3.7.8 of the WP-e-Commerce plugin, will remain available for download for the time being.

Finally!! Storefront Elegance gets 3.8 update…and much more!

Storefront Elegance is now FINALLY ready for WPEC 3.8! This update took a very long time to do, but with last week's 3.8.3 update of WP-e-Commerce, many of the changes we were hoping would make it into the plugin were finally added and to celebrate, I've been pulling off a code marathon to get this thing released...

Many of the new features are mentioned in the new promo video that you can watch on the theme sales page. However, I'll briefly list the major changes...

Page Templates For Products & the Blog
You can now select any of the four page templates to use for your product page and your single product separately from each other. This is also true for blog archives and single post pages.

New Product Gridview and Image Galleries
This is not a Gold Cart feature like before...we've now added this functionality directly into the theme and it looks great!

Unified Search
We first introduced this in Boutique and loved it so much that we had to carry it over...basically it's one search to rule them can search through products, pages and posts from one place.

New Tutorial Video
There's enough new stuff in there that we had to redo the tutorial video...the new video is over 50 minutes long and covers how to use all of the features of the theme.

So there's a bit to whet your appetite..there's more too, like 7 new effects for the Homepage slider and a redesigned pop-out effect for your product and blog images. View the demo and grab your copy today! Existing users of the Elegance theme can download the new copy from their members' homepage.

Storefront Elegance Gets Final Update BEFORE 3.8!

Alirght, let me start by saying that Storefront Elegance IS NOT READY for 3.8...yet.'s very close. Until then, we wanted to put one more update out simply because we want to keep versions of all our themes that are compatible with the 3.7.8 version of the WP-e-Commerce plugin.

So why another update? 2 main reasons...

1) Blogging

As many of you know, our blogging feature was really in effect broken in all our themes in that the navigation to see older posts didn't work. We always planned to fix that and make the blogging feature more standardized. So now the Storefront Elegance theme works like a regular WordPress theme. Out of the box, your homepage is a blog. The homepage template that you see in the demo is not a regular page template that you can assign to a page called "Home" if you prefer. No biggy right? Right, but we wanted to go a step farther and it took a new approach to templating.

Because we often include different page layouts for pages (Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Full Width, 3 Column, etc), it has been pointed out that it would be nice to see that templating in the blog as well. We got halfway there with the current versions of our themes, but single blog posts were still using the default template. Not anymore! Now you'll find a new option in your Theme Options panel that allows you to set the page layout of the blog page to any of the available page templates. For Storefront Elegance, these are Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Full Width, 3 Column. Whichever template you choose will take effect on the main blog page as well as all archives, categories, tags and of course single post pages.

2) Translation

'Nuff said here. The theme now uses regular WordPress language expressions for all text so that the theme can be translated using .mo and .po files or by using a translation plugin like WPML.

So there you have it! If you've purchased Storefront Elegance, you can download the new version from your members home page. Storefront Elegance will be ready for 3.8 in a few days and at that time, we'll have 2 versions...both of which will be of the highest quality.

New Theme Updates are Finally Here!

The new theme updates are now live at Storefront Themes!  Over the past few months we have learned a lot about what is important to our clients and we wanted to take some time and really bring all of our themes up a notch in terms of standard features.  We think you'll find the new updates have been worth the wait.  Here is a rundown of some of the updates we have added...

Custom Post Types Come Standard!

For many of the sliders and carousels in our themes, we've added new custom post type options to use for them in place of posts!  This is welcome news to many, as the old system required setting aside one category of posts to populate these areas.  This in turn showed up in the blog and forced us to find other ways of limiting the blog to certain categories.  Not anymore!  And by the way, speaking of blogging...

New Blog Features For All Themes!

Okay we get it...blogging is a really important part of e-Commerce!  We know this one is important to a lot of you.  When we released the Storefront Designer theme, we knew we had come up with a much easier way of adding a blog to your store.  Now we've taken it a step further by installing new blog options on all our themes that allow you to simply specify any page to show your blog on, choose to show full post or just the excerpt, and even adjust the sizes of your featured images and thumbnails!  Speaking of images...

Native WordPress Image Resizing

While the old timthumb script did a good job of resizing images, it did cause a lot of headaches for a lot of people.  There were just too many server setups that weren't compatible with it and local hosting didn't work as well as it should either.  The new script uses built in WordPress functionality to scale and crop your images to fit into standard sizes in your theme.  This has also led to...

Storefront Themes Are Now Multisite Compatible!

Perhaps the most exciting news is that once we got the images figured out, we were able to make all of our themes compatible with WordPress multisite!  For those of you who know, WordPress is capable of running a network of blogs (sites) off of one installation of WordPress.  Combine this with the power of the WP e-Commerce plugin and WordPress and you can basically run your own ecommerce service like Shopify!

New Video Tutorials For All!

Not only did we redo all of our theme tutorials, we have now started a library of additional tutorials to help you get your shop up and running.  10 brand-new videos are available on your member's home page right now and cover things like...

  • Installation of the plugin, our themes and even gold cart!
  • Adding and Editing Products
  • Coupons & Marketing
  • Product Groups, and...
  • Product Variations

So those are the highlights...what do you think!  We've also added a ton of bugfixes and refinements to both the front and backends and overall just polished everything up.  We hope you enjoy the new onward to WP e-Commerce 3.8!

New Theme Update Teasers

Some of you may know that for the past month we've been working on updates to all of our existing 4 themes...we know it's been a while and we appreciate the patience on the part of our customers.  I am just putting the finishing touches on the last theme today and then all I have left to do is shoot the new tutorial videos which will be necessary due to the extent of the new features.

I will put out a detailed blog post upon release of the updates that will list the major changes.  Rest assured that we've focused on the biggest issues (like blogging!) and added some great new surprises!  It should be awesome!

Part of the reason for the wait is that I'm currently on "vacation" (he said, while making quote gestures with both hands...) with my wife's family in Albany, GA.  So here I am, sitting in Starbucks and catching up on the support forums and I just thought I could at least give you some idea of the kind of things you can expect in the updates.  With that, here are 2 screenshots taken from my iphone.  The first image is a close up of the new custom post type options available on the "Storefront Original" theme (Slider, Carousel and Gridview).  The second shows the new blog options panel available on all of our themes.  Just a bit longer!

Storefront Elegance theme gets big update!

We recently put out our first update to the Storefront Elegance theme and it's a doozy!  We did a couple of optimization things, but the real focus was on 3 BIG upgrades...

  1. Powerful new Carousel Options - You can now select how many items to show in your carousel (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) and even set the height of your carousel images!  You're no longer locked into one aspect ratio with your images!
  2. New Footer Widgets - Want to put more stuff on your homepage and page templates?  We've included the option to have 2, 3 or 4 widget areas appear in your footer area!  These areas can be populated from the widgets area of your wordpress control panel to add blog links, custom text, video or whatever you want!
  3. Support for Gold Cart Features - If you happen to be running the Gold Cart upgrade available from, we've included styling for the Product Grid View, Product Search and Single Product Thumbnail Galleries!  These styles are very subtle and take the shape of the custom colors that you select from your theme options panel so that they look perfect with your site!

To top it all off, we've even put out a new video for customers showing you around the new can navigate to it on the Elegance tutorial video page once you log in.

So that about wraps it up!  If you've purchased the Storefront Elegance theme already, simply login and go to the Elegance theme page to download the updated copy.  If you've been sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy the theme, hopefully this will entice you!