Chronology Theme gets Theme Tutorial Video

For those that have purchased or will be purchasing our Chronology Theme, we FINALLY have a video tutorial for operating it. You can find it on your Members Homepage. Just click the video icon to see it!

In addition, we are in the process of redoing all of our video tutorials to help serve your support needs better. Here's to a lot more help from us in the future!

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2 thoughts on “Chronology Theme gets Theme Tutorial Video

  1. Matt, I am new to WordPress and I just wanted to take the time to really thank you for your hard work that goes into producing the help videos. They take time and it shows that you really care! I am wishing you a lot of abundance …..don’t let ungratefu,l selfish people spoil you! WordPress is a true gift to world and I did not hesitate even a second buying the Chronology theme. I am working for even more abundance in my life so that I can put more funds toward supporting WordPress. Exanimo!

  2. How about documentation? It’s taking me forever to download the video and I’d appreciate a quick reference. Saw two blogs advertising Chronology and both stated that there was documentation.

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