Storefront Mylo + Xyloto Now Available for all Pre-Order Customers!

Well, we promised we would get them out today for you and while it's the wee morning hours where I'm at right now, I can finally let you know that we finally have the first releases available of our long-awaited, ColdPlay inspired themes, Mylo + Xyloto. We teased these a couple of weeks ago and we're just packaging them now. We are not OFFICIALLY releasing them just yet simply because we need to build the demo sites and record a couple of tutorial videos for them...however, we wanted to do good by the people who put their faith in us and pre-ordered the themes, while we can't show you a working demo for Xyloto yet (Mylo can be found here), we can give those who bought the themes access to the theme download files and have created two new forums for the themes so you can get all the support you need while waiting on the videos.

Now, let me get some sleep and I'll get the videos up in the next couple of days!

5 thoughts on “Storefront Mylo + Xyloto Now Available for all Pre-Order Customers!

  1. Hi I’ve been looking at your Mylo theme are you aware that the featured thumbnails are severely stretched in Safari? Version 5.0.5 – also tried on my MacbookPro and getting the same issue.

  2. Looking at getting this theme….just a few questions…

    1. on the xyloto theme are you able to create more pages besides blog and store?

    2. can you sell other types of digital products such as pdf sheet music?



  3. Thats great, but what about updating your existing themes(especially Designer – not updated since is was made compatible with WP Commerce 3.8) to keep your current customers happy, and fix very poor written CSS in the theme (using !important is not good)

    Keep developing new themes but dont leave your existing customers behind,… which is happening unfortunately, and it thats why i would not buy another theme from you unless that changes.

    Look forward to updates

  4. Thanks! Yeah we’re really proud of it, but we love hearing from people like you to let us know that we’re on the right track!

  5. I just stumbled across your Xyloto theme and it blew me away. App-like design not only for music eCommerce but for all eCommerce sites. This has given me some ideas…Wicked stuff!

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